Terms of use

Terms of Service

If you do not agree with this Agreement or with its individual clauses, you have the right to refuse to use the Ugur.az website (hereinafter simply the Service).

This Agreement shall enter into force for you from the moment you send the completed registration form.

If you are a user of the Service, this automatically means that you accept all points of this Agreement.


1.1 The service is intended to provide users of the Internet with a convenient interface that allows you to establish contacts between employers and performers of one-time projects or continuous remote work.

1.2 The Service Administration does not take part in possible disagreements and disputes (including litigation) between the Customers and the Contractor.

1.3 The Service Administration is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the Contractor.

1.4. The Administration of the Service reserves the unconditional right to unilaterally delete any information from the Service if it does not comply with this agreement, current legislation or violates the rights of third parties.

1.5. The Administration of the Service reserves the right, at its discretion, to refuse to provide services if it has evidence of your illegal activities in relation to the Service or its users.

1.6. The Service Administration has the right at any time to amend this Agreement by posting a new version in full on the Ugur.az website.

1.7. The Administration of the Service has the right to familiarize themselves with the personal correspondence of the user of the Service in cases of exceptional need, such as an investigation of fraud.

1.8 The user of the Service can be any person who has registered on the Service after assuming the obligation to unconditionally comply with this Agreement in the form of an open offer, and having received the necessary identification data for using the Service.

1.9. On the Service, development orders and offers for sale are prohibited:

• goods and services that violate applicable law.

• goods and services that do not comply with this Agreement.

• Trojan horses, viruses, Internet worms, programs for hacking or unauthorized access to information, as well as other "hacker" programs.

• goods and services that infringe copyright.

1.10 It is forbidden to publish projects on the service that contain the following information:

• explicit and hidden advertising of third-party sites, including the distribution of referral links.

• advertising of quick money.

• fraudulent information.

• projects that are clearly inappropriate to the specialization of the service.

• projects completed retrospectively and open to increase the rating.

• projects created with the aim of attracting to the MLM and pyramid schemes.

• containing obscene language.

• provoking conflicts on a political, religious or national topic.

• violates the rights of legal copyright holders.

• inappropriate distribution of advertising information in private messages.

• projects with the purchase and rental of various kinds of accounts.

• cheat all kinds of accounts, likes, subscribers, reviews and so on.

• projects that will be implemented for spam on the Internet

1.11 All users of the Service have the right to draw the attention of the Administration to projects and user profiles that do not comply with clauses 1.9 and 1.10. In the case of a certain number of complaints, the published draft is subject to unconditional blocking, even if the moderator is of a different opinion.

1.12 All users of the Service can register no more than one account. Registration of multiple accounts of one type is prohibited, as well as the transfer of login parameters to other users.

1.13 Transfer of accounts to third parties is prohibited. One account belongs to one person.

1.14 Buying and selling accounts is prohibited.

1.15 All users of the Service are obliged to conscientiously fulfill their obligations both to the administration of the Service and to their counterparties (in case of conclusion of the latest transactions).

1.16 Inappropriate advertising of the services provided is prohibited.

1.17 It is forbidden to publish projects with a clearly dumped budget or projects in which payment is only a response (with the exception of projects of the Service administration).

1.18 It is forbidden to use tools for mass mailing of personal messages or automatically adding bets on projects.


2.1 The use of the Service is free of charge, access to the Service is provided to all interested parties equally.

2.2. The Administration of the Service has the right, at its discretion, to introduce and change a fee for certain services of the Service, about which users of the service will be previously notified.

2.3. Payments for paid services are carried out in arbitrary units: AZN.

2.4 The user can replenish his account by purchasing a certain amount of the service’s internal currency using the GoldenPay or Yandex payment gateway


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